LILIKOI - means Passion Fruit. 

LILIKOI is a Los Angeles based fashion brand started by Anastasia Fedorina Founder and Chief Creative Officer. Inspired by many women in her life, nature and love, she decided to create physical manifestation of what she was teaching and talking about for years in her courses, private classes, retreats and social media platforms as a motivational speaker, yoga teacher, mother and a sister to all women. 

"Each piece of the collection is created in order for a woman to slow down, turn her attention to herself, to take care of herself, to satisfy her needs and desires. For a woman to awaken in herself her wild, pristine nature. So that a woman allows herself to explore her body, soul and mind, and through this getting to know herself, she can love herself and accept herself completely. And from this state of love she interacted with herself and the world." - Anastasia Fedorina

Every time you purchase from our store, you support the Bumi Sehat Foundation - gentle birthing non profit organization in Indonnesia and Philippins.

We are happy to be able to support an organization that advocates for optimal humanity, health, intelligence and consciousness by protecting pregnancy, birth, postpartum and breastfeeding.

It's a natural woman's circle and sisterhood where we all connected and able to support and protect each other.

"I received a tremendous amount of knowledge and support from Bumi Sehat and Robin Lim, they helped me to restore my hormonal health and fertility and give gentle birth to a healthy baby. And now I have the opportunity to support not only Robin and Bumi Sehat, but also women, children, families who need support and protection. And you can become a part of this circle of kindness and love, not only in relation to yourself, but also to others." - Anastasia Fedorina.


Every woman is a Goddess! Our mission is to make sure no woman forgets about it!

With love and passion, LILIKOI.